The entrepreneur from Turkmenistan has subjugated Elbrus.

The head «Turkmen logistika assosiasiyasy» Mele Bekmuradov has made an ascent of one of the tops of Elbrus, on a height of 5642 meters. Together with the Turkmen entrepreneur, logos of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and Association headed by him have visited higher peak of Europe and Russia.

On April 11th in team’s line-up of professional climbers of Russia, Mele Bekmuradov for the first time has undertaken storm of the mountaintop, all way has taken 15 hours, and the ascension was preceded by the ten-day preparation mainly aimed at acclimatization. In climbing classification, subjugation of Elbrus tops is not technically difficult, that involves many tourists to this place, but the environmental conditions quite often causing «mountain illness» demand special preparation.

The excellent physical data - a result of long-term playing sports has helped an entrepreneur to overcome a route to ice top. «The decision to storm Elbrus, - tells Mele Bekmuradov, - is connected with the desire to checkup willpower and spirit, to prove myself that there are no obstacles for noble purpose achievement».

If mountains accept a person, they never release him. Therefore in the plans of the entrepreneur exactly a year to make an ascension to Kazbek, to overcome technically more difficult route.