Possibilities of Turkmen-Russian interaction in the field of building materials industry has been considered

Videoconference on the theme “Russia-Turkmenistan: industry and construction – new opportunities for cooperation” was jointly organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation on 30th June.

Along with the leaders and representatives of the CCI, the relevant ministries and subordinate authorities of our country, the acting head of the industrial department of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs participated in the event.

Vice-president of the RF CCI Vladimir Padalko, deputy chairman of the RF CCI Committee on entrepreneurship in the construction area, chairman of the subcommittee on prefabricated construction Michail Kamenskiy, “Agropromalyans” Company, vice-presidents of the Lipetsk and St. Petersburg CCI got in touch online from the Russian side.

In the course of the event, the presentation was showed regarding the capabilities of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of Turkmenistan on the prospects of exporting glass products, nonmetallic materials, polymer products, including aerated concrete.

“Turkmenturba” OJSC demonstrated a video which presented the capabilities of this structure in the supply of pipes for utility and drinking water supply, sewer systems, drop irrigation, and also made known its needs for the procurement of a number of materials necessary for the production.

The Russian side was also informed about the export opportunities of the Turkmen entrepreneurs on the supply of isogam, drywall, pipes, and other construction products.

Representatives of Russian business circles showed great interest in the export of building materials produced in our country. The parties agreed to explore all organizational and technical issues, paying particular attention to the transportation of goods.