CIIE – 2020 invites Turkmen goods producers to participate in an exhibition

Third Chinese International Import Expo (CIIE) is scheduled to be held on 5-10 November 2020 in Shanghai.

Organizers of exhibition: Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and Shanghai People’s Government. Exhibitors will present their achievements in the trade and investment sphere.

Every participating country will be provided with an area at exhibition space of 30000 square meters for complex presentation in the field of trade and investments development, including goods and services trade, as well as achievements in industry and tourism development.

The exhibition includes a range of field-oriented platforms: intellectual and high-technology equipment, household appliances, garments, accessories and consumer goods, automobiles, agricultural products and food products, health care products, goods for the prevention of diseases and promotion of health. Platforms are offered for the demonstration of new technologies, outsourcing, design, culture, and education, tourism and other services.

In addition, fair of enterprises’ goods will be held within the framework of IMPORT EXPO.

The initiative to host China International Import Expo had appeared in the course of international cooperation forum “Belt and Road Initiative” in Beijing in May 2017, when General Secretary of PRC Xi Jinping offered to hold the international exhibition of import goods in Beijing annually.

For further information, regarding forthcoming forum and participation in it please refer to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan or call: +993 12 21-23-75; +993 12 21-23-64.