Entrepreneurs are starting to build an agro-industrial complex and a concrete products plant.

On the 27 February in the Gokdepe district of the Ahal region, ceremonies were held for laying two large private business facilities: the agro-industrial complex and the plant for the production of concrete products.

The construction of the agro-industrial complex, with a total area of 220 hectares, was entrusted to experts of the Sowuk Goz ES. It will include: the factory designed for the annual production  of 360 thousand tons of cattle and small ruminants meat, the closed type farm for breeding and processing of fish, which design capacity is 240 tons of different varieties of fish per year, and the winery with processing 15 thousand annually tons of grapes, with a refrigerated warehouse, designed for the storage of 38 thousand tons of products at once.

The complex will also include an enterprise for the production of canned products, in the long term focused on the processing of vegetables and fruits of its own production. Its high-tech equipping will allow producing a rich assortment of jams, juices, compotes, melons and gourds, and pickles, as well as frozen berries and fruits. Analysis of the quality of vegetables, melons and gourds products will be carried out in a special laboratory.

It is planned to organize the production of plastic and cardboard containers for packaging products on the territory of the complex.

In addition, four modern greenhouses will be built on 170 hectares. Lemons, vegetables, melons and gourds, seeds and seedlings for greenhouses and outdoor spaces will grow here. The project also provides the construction of a building for veterinary and medical services, a laboratory center and a bank branch, a shop and a parking lot.

The construction of a modern reinforced concrete plant in Ahal has been entrusted to the Aga Gurlushyk individual enterprise.

The design capacity of the enterprise is 500 thousand meters of concrete pipes, ranging in size from 300 to 1,200 millimeters. High-tech equipment, which is planned to be installed at the enterprise, will allow manufacturing products based on environmentally friendly technologies.