New greenhouse opened in the Kaka etrap.

On February 9, the modern greenhouse complex was opened in the “Shukur bagshi” association of the Kaka etrap of the Ahal velayat.

The greenhouse, built by order of  ES "Yigit" by specialists of the economic society Eziz Doganlar, occupies 10 hectares and is designed for the production of 2500 tons of vegetable products per year.

Modern European equipment allowed to automate and computerize all production processes and successfully apply the Dutch technology in the cultivation of tomatoes of high-yielding varieties.

Tomatoes are planned to be supplied not only to the domestic market but also exported to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. With the opening of the new greenhouse created 116 jobs.

On the same day, next to the new facility, held a solemn laying-out of another greenhouse to which 20 hectares of land were allocated. Its construction will significantly expand the range of vegetable products and the export potential of the economy.

In total, the ES "Yigit" belongs a thousand hectares of land. Seasonal work is carried out in open fields where entrepreneurs grow barley.