Turkmen entrepreneurs are increasing the production of high-quality meat.

Stockbreeding complex of “Ajayyp ussat halal onumleri” ES was put into operation on 11th December in Baherden district of Ahal region and it was constructed by the specialists of famous in our country meat and dairy products fabricator.

A new facility will be specialized in the production of high-quality beef, known as “marble meat”. It is planned to produce initially 15 tons product per year, then 180 tons, organizing its export.

The number of cattle will increase approximately twice. At present, there are 600 animals on the farm. Cows of the Aberdeen-Angus breed have been purchased from Germany. They are adapted to local climatic conditions and considered economically advantageous for breeding.

For the creation of necessary food resources entrepreneurs were provided with 500 hectares of land, where already have been gathered a variety of feed crops. Water saving irrigation systems are used for watering of seeds.