Denim clothes «Made in Turkmenistan» successfully compete with foreign brands.

Turkmen entrepreneurs render a trading intermediation to the enterprises of local textile branch. Sale of Turkmen jeans in Poland and Ukraine became an example of the successful cooperation in this direction. Advancement of the given goods is promoted by activity of one of the founders «Ak yaprak» Economic society.

The stylish Turkmen jeans, successfully competing with world brands, are made from high-quality Turkmen textiles according to the European curves on the modern equipment, by which textile complexes of our country are equipped. Under trading intermediation of «Ak yaprak» ES, they have all prospects for the further advancement on the foreign market. Now the entrepreneur carries on negotiations for delivery of jeans to some European countries. But the most curious is that the interest to these goods is shown on «the native land of jeans» - in the United States of America.