“Ovadan Ulke” plant has launched the production of new import-substituting products

“Ovadan Ulke” enterprise, located in the industrial zone of Ak Bugday district of Ahal region continues to produce a wide range of canned vegetables, mayonnaise, jams under “Nur”, “Mylayym”, and “Hazyna” trademarks.

Among the new products are pickled cucumbers of “Mylayym” trademark. The quality of the product is ensured by the freshness and environmental friendliness of vegetables that are purchased from local producers. The canning line is equipped with all the equipment necessary for a complete technological cycle, from the receipt of raw materials to the release of the packaged product. Production capacity is 8 tons of pickled cucumbers per day.

Also, a completely new product has been delivered to the trading network – two types of ketchup – tomato and spicy in 900-gram plastic buckets under “Nur” and “Mylayym” trademarks. 8 tons of ketchup comes off the production line per day. The system of heat treatment and packaging allows achieving a long shelf life and preservation of their taste.

This year the enterprise has launched the production of quince jam. The manufacturer plans to release watermelon and melon jams.

“Ovadan Ulke” plant began its activities in September 2016 and is one of the import-substituting industries with a focus on export.