Entrepreneurs commissioned a modern veterinary center

On May 7, in Anew town, Ak bugday district of Ahal region, a grand opening ceremony of the new complex, including a veterinary clinic and a pet transfer station was held. The object of the State Veterinary Service under the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan was built on a turnkey basis by a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs “Bedayet” IE.

Serdar Berdimuhamedov, Minister of Industry and Construction, who was elected chairman of the recently established “Turkmen Alabays” Association, representatives of the regional administration, several ministries and departments, entrepreneurs and other guests of honor, attended the opening ceremony of the new veterinary center.

During the celebration, the head of “Turkmen Alabays” Association transferred the Alabays grown in a specialized nursery to other regions of the country as a sign that they would build the same veterinary complexes and pedigree nurseries as in the Ahal region. Also, thoroughbred Alabays with a documented pedigree were transferred to the cynological services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border department of the country.

The new veterinary center is equipped with modern equipment that allows for preventive vaccination, diagnostic examinations, physiotherapeutic and surgical treatment, and nursing under supervision.

The state institution is also designed for the temporary maintenance of pets, the owners of which go on vacation or on a business trip. The hotel includes several areas intended for birds, dogs, and cats. The institution takes into account all the wishes of the guests regarding the care, feeding, and physical activity of the pet.

The dog hotel consists of 32 rooms. This includes 20 two-room and 12 one-room premises. In this area, canine services are provided, there is also a beauty salon and a special shower room.

The cat’s area includes 8 boxes, each of which consists of two floors. In this case, all cells are open. The main part of the room is represented by a play area. This hotel provides the same service as in the dog zone.

The specially equipped room with cages for parrots, canaries, and songbirds contains a large aviary - a span designed for the free movement of birds.

In addition, in the zoo hotel there is a special store where anyone can buy accessories, food for their pets, as well as buy exotic birds.