Entrepreneurs set up the production of iodine.

The enterprise on iodine production of the “Himiya senagat” ES has been solemnly opened in the Bereket district of the Balkan region on 26th June. It is the first experience of Turkmen entrepreneurs in the chemical industry.

The new enterprise equipped with modern innovative equipment, which allows automating the whole complex a technological process providing the highest quality of iodine. The equipment capacity is intended for the production of 150 tons of export-oriented, import-substituting products from local natural-raw material resources per year.

60 working places have been created with the opening of the iodine plant.

High-quality iodine, produced by the “Himiya senagat” ES, is in higher demand with foreign purchasers. Currently, three batches of products have already been sent to India.

In Turkmenistan according to the presidential program on the social and economic development of the country for 2018-2024 years, a crucial role is given to the further development of chemical branch of the national economy, including the development of iodine and bromine deposits in the western region of the country.