Turkmen entrepreneurs have got down to business on a production of sunflower oil.

Relatively soon the factories on the production of ecologically clean sunflower oil, which are being constructed by “Gündogar akymy” and “Kämilligiň gözbaşy” economic societies, will be joined to ranks of enterprises processing the agricultural products.

It is planned to produce annually 24 thousand tons of import substitution product at these enterprises.

The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved a proposal on the production of sunflower oil in Turkmenistan at the government session held on 23rd November 2018. Also, the head of state underlined the importance of selection of the most acceptable cultivar, taking into consideration the natural and climatic conditions of our country and innovations in the agricultural sector.

It is planned to widen sunflower cultivation areas and to sow 5 thousand hectares of sunflower as a part of a comprehensive program on increase the volume of agricultural crops production in 2019. In order to implement these plans, the “Gündogar akymy” ES concluded contract with leading agro-industrial Swiss company “Syngenta Agro AG” on the delivery of high quality seeds to Turkmenistan, that will be used for sunflower growing.

According to the agreement concluded by the “Agzybir ojak” ES the equipment supply of factories under construction will be carried in by Turkish companies.