Construction of the new residential complex is started in Ashgabat.

Construction of a complex of the buildings which contractors are the private building enterprises has been started in capital region Gurtly on October, 26th.

The members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will build 62 four-storeyed apartment houses. In parallel with habitation Construction of objects of social infrastructure will be carried out together with the construction of housing: a kindergarten of 160- seats, secondary general school of 320-seats, shopping and recreation center, market and 10 two-storeyed shops. Simultaneously with the creation of objects sustenance systems will be improved and planted with trees the adjoining territory to them.

The latest social project, which realization is entrusted the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, is developed taking into consideration extending boundaries of the principal city of the country and increasing in a number of its inhabitants. The basic requirement to new buildings construction is an application of quality, modern construction materials meeting the highest requirements, including in terms of ecology and aesthetics, and also an introduction of high technologies of construction in order to provide high living standards of people.