Entrepreneurs expand the release of products from secondary raw materials.

The modern factory on wood chipboard (DSP) release has been opened on October, 25th in Oguzhan etrap, Mary velayat. New production feature belonging to Individual enterprise “Agayana” is using of wood agricultural waste-cotton stalks and boxes which remain after raw cotton harvesting as raw materials.

Manufacture of popular production is developed within a program of realization of import substitution. The designed capacity of the enterprise is 20 thousand cubic meter of wood chipboard a year.

Wood chipboard for civil work, and also laminated wood chipboard in the different color scale, applied for furniture manufacturing are an assortment.

Cotton-picking harvest time is at the height and in the near future, the base of the enterprise considerably will be completed with seasonal raw materials. The plans of Individual enterprise “Agayana” are to expand the assortment of released production, to flood domestic construction and furniture markets with it, and then to export.