Business in the building materials industry - success in import substitution

26 September 2021

“Currently, the country is building about 2,500 large facilities with a total cost of over 37 billion US dollars,” President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said at a meeting of the People's Council held in Ashgabat on September 25. He noted that among the largest new buildings - the construction of complexes of large residential areas in the capital, the new administrative center of the Akhal region, villages and townships in the regions of the country.


This year, 509 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned in Turkmenistan. Naturally, such a pace of construction led to the corresponding business activity in the country.


The growth of the building materials industry in Turkmenistan today largely determines the business sector, responsive to the economic environment and demand.


A few years ago, this segment of the domestic market was represented mainly by foreign products, but the situation began to change rapidly with the creation of more and more enterprises and the emergence of a better alternative to replace imports, including at a price.


One of such enterprises is a complex for the production of aerated concrete blocks of the individual enterprise "Ukyply kardeshler" in the Bakharly district of the Ahal region. A high-tech line for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete with a capacity of 500 cubic meters per day and a workshop for the production of dry building mixtures (100 tons per day) operate on local raw materials - quartz sand, limestone and gypsum.


The complex with a capacity of about 200 thousand tons of ceramic building products per year was built by the economic company "Döwletli Döwran" in the Halach district of the Lebap region. This is the first fully automated enterprise in the country for the production of a wide range of ceramic decorative materials - clinker bricks, thermoblocks for partitions, paving stones, etc.


In the same region, Lebap, in the Koytendag region, which is rich in mineral resources, one of the country's largest suppliers of dry building mixtures and gypsum board, Sabur Timur Taşew (CTT) individual enterprise, operates. It annually produces up to 60 thousand tons of high quality plaster mixes. 


The production of gypsum plasterboards was mastered by the economic company "Ak gaya", known as a manufacturer of bulk building materials - finishing and priming filler. The enterprise is located in the seaside city of Turkmenbashi and also relies on the local raw material base.


The industrial production of Türkmen enjam in Akhal has long established the production of polyethylene and polypropylene water and sewer pipes with universal chemical resistance and withstanding a pressure of 25 atmospheres for 50 years. Raw materials for polymer pipes are purchased at the gas chemical complex in Kiyanly.


The private enterprise "Erjel-Begench" from the Geoktepe district of the Ahal region has developed its own technology for the production of various types of facing materials from local raw materials - paving slabs, decorative panels for side-by-side walls and street curbs.


But the Dana Dunya enterprise in Turkmenabat is expanding the production of building materials from secondary raw materials. From the garbage purchased from the population - all types of plastic, tires and other waste raw materials - several types of strong and durable products are produced here: composite paving slabs, building blocks on a polymer-sand base, facade tiles and roof tiles. The “Dana Dunya exports tens of tons of paving slabs to neighboring countries.


More than 100 types of decorative ceiling profiles made of expanded polystyrene for interior decoration and over 400 types of decorative profiles and architectural elements for external finishing of buildings, heat and sound insulation blocks and slabs of various densities, sandwich panels made of expanded polystyrene plates and basalt fiber are produced by the individual enterprise Ak Khunji» from the city of Mary.


A mini-plant for the production of facing slabs, built in Dashoguz, has mastered the production of a wide range of road and paving slabs and other concrete products, introducing the Systrom technology (production of marble from concrete) in the enterprise. Enterprises producing basalt fiber, pipes, bricks, reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, washed sand, expanded polystyrene, expanded clay, emulsions and paints, electric cables and hoses, tiles, etc. also contribute to import substitution.