Jet engine fuel, gasoline, licorice to be put up for auction by State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan on August 6

05 August 2021

Turkmenistan will present its export products at exchange auctions, which will be organized within the framework of the Exhibition of Goods Produced in Central Asian Countries, to be opened on August 6 within the framework of the summit of the heads of state of the region in Avaza.


For the first time at the upcoming auction, jet A-1 aviation kerosene will be exhibited, the production of which was launched by the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries thanks to the program of technological modernization.


In the international market, this type of fuel is considered environmentally friendly and safer for transportation. Used for the needs of international commercial aviation. With flights resumed around the world, the lot will draw particular attention.


10,000 tonnes of Jet A-1 jet fuel will be available for purchase at auction on Friday at a starting price of US $ 200 per tonne.


In addition, the petrochemical segment will also have the most common type of jet fuel for subsonic aviation - TC-1 grades, polypropylene and polypropylene film, high density polyethylene, liquefied gas, A-92 gasoline and ECO 93 gasoline, ECO-5 diesel fuel, petroleum coke, carbamide, technical iodine, iodized table salt and other traditional positions.


Heat-polished sheet glass is always in good demand at the external trading of the Turkmen exchange, and Uzbekistan is one of its regular buyers. This time the assortment of float glass includes products of different thickness - from 2.2 to 12 mm.


On the other hand, Kyrgyz traders showed a stable interest in Turkmen terry towels on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.


This item will also be on sale on August 6 in a wide range of sizes, from bath sheets to napkins.


In addition, the lots of textile products will include cotton yarn of popular brands for weaving industries, denim, flannel, sterile medical gauze wipes, and reusable multi-layer masks. A separate specification includes Turkmen carpets.


In the agricultural segment, licorice roots - 2 thousand tons and the famous Saraja wool and the equally famous Karakul spring wool - will be presented for export.