New achievements of Turkmen silkworm breeders

10 June 2021

2,100 tons of silkworm cocoons were produced in Turkmenistan over the past season. Vice Prime Minister E.Orazgeldiev, supervising the agricultural industry, reported to the President of Turkmenistan on the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the domestic silkworm breeders at a working video session held on June 9.

It is also worth noting that special attention is paid to the development of silkworm breeding in the context of measures taken to support and stimulate entrepreneurship in rural areas.

In special orchards, as well as in many farming associations and private farms, thousands of mulberry tree seedlings are grown annually, the leaves of which are the fodder base for silkworm caterpillars. Planting mulberry trees along the perimeter of the fields also helps to protect cotton and other crops from dry hotwinds, strengthens the banks of irrigation canals, and contributes to the creation of a favourable ecology of the environment.

As the head of the state emphasized, the production of a rich harvest of cocoons, thanks to the efforts and tireless work of silkworm breeders is evidence of the worthy development of the ancient crafts of the Turkmen ancestors.

In the famous museums of Egypt, Great Britain, USA, the samples of ancient multi-coloured silk fabrics are reposited, made in the ancient Turkmen city of Merv, which was known in the medieval East not only as a city of magnificent mausoleums, the world’s largest libraries, observatories, but also as a trendsetter and aesthetic traditions, high artistic culture. Today, these traditions are continued in the works of members of the country’s entrepreneurial community – Turkmen craftsmen and fashion designers.

“Silk collections” became a luxurious final chord of traditional shows of new models of garments, created by private fashion houses, skilfully combining the latest fashion trends and original folklore motives of the national dresses and folk art.