Turkmen Producer Supplies 70 Tons of Vegetables to Local Markets

06 April 2021

Individual Entrepreneur Arslan Nurgeldiyev, operating vegetable greenhouses in the Ak Bugday etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat, supplied  around 70 tons of vegetables to the domestic markets last year, the country’s official media reported on Tuesday.

The Entrepreneur’s greenhouse business reportedly includes thirty-two greenhouses harvesting cabbages, cucumbers and sweet peppers three times a year. The businessman presently harvests cabbage.

The greenhouses are equipped with special machinery that automatically maintain a certain temperature and light conditions, moisture and soil enrichment.

The businessman also operates a workshop for pickling tomatoes and cucumbers built not far from the greenhouses. The workshop, equipped with Turkish machinery, produces 25 thousand cans of pickled vegetables annually.

The Entrepreneur Arslan Nurgeldiyev, who started his business in 2014, plans to increase the production of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, lemons and strawberries in his greenhouses.

"Business Turkmenistan"