Fishing industry

Privatization of the fishing industry of our country and its transfer to the members of the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan is a historic event. This decision of our Esteemed President gave an impetus to the increase in fish production in our country.

The fishing industry is equipped by members of the Union with equipment that meets modern requirements and new technologies.  In order to protect and reproduce the fish resources of our country, “Toy zaman” Economic society in Ahal region and “Ak durna” Individual enterprise in Dashoguz region set up work on the production of artificial fry in the required quantity, and practical work on artificial fish reproduction was carried out in Mary and Lebap regions.  In 2019, work was carried out on fish breeding in 20 lakes in the country, the total weight of which is 24,430 kg. Structures, equipment, cars, boats, vessels, all gas pipelines and current pipelines received through privatization from the State committee of fish economy of Turkmenistan was completely repaired, and equipment used for fishing was re-purchased.  Currently, more than 100 million investments have been made for this purpose.

Currently, more than 40 types of live fish, fresh frozen fish and fish products are offered to customers at affordable prices in the markets of our country.

Currently, the number of private fish farms have reached 44, and construction work is continuing for another 10. In particular, it should be noted that the population’s demand for fish and fish products are increasing.

Currently, entrepreneurs in our country are developing methods for producing expensive varieties of fish.

Members of the Union engaged in the fishing industry also conduct systematic work to protect the environment and aquatic bioresources.

Work is underway to create new modern fish enterprises in our country. In accordance with the “Plan of the President of Turkmenistan on economic development in 2019-2025”, “Hazar balyk” OJSC carries out the respective work for the construction of enterprise for production of dried eggs of Artemia Salina crustaceans with a capacity of 60 tons per year in Turkmenbashi district of Balkan region, “Myradym” Individual enterprise constructs plants in Lebap region in Kerki district on the fish production of 100 tons per year and in Turkmenabat city on fish processing of 100 tons per year and the construction of fish farms for the production of valuable trout in Baharly district of Ahal district.  This, in turn, will give an impetus to achieve great success in the fishing industry of our country.